Total War: Warhammer gets pile of free DLC


Total War – Warhammer

The game is out next Tuesday, and I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited about a game in a long time. If you have ever played the tabletop version of this game I think you might be feeling the same way. A group of my friends played Warhammer 40K (Space Marines), for years and none of us really wanted to play Warhammer Fantasy.

Well one of our friends won an Empire army box set at a Gamesday convention hosted by Games Workshop, he thought it was cool and began painting and buying accessories to complete his army. He had no one to fight against, so I bought an Orc army, a good friend who has passed, loved the Dwarves. It just went from there and everybody had an army.

From then on that’s all we played. This game has a lot of memories, like our friend who passed, would just hold up in a section of the table and never move, we always laughed at him because he would always say, “Hey the men have short legs, besides I’m going to blow the shit out of you with my cannons” it never worked, lol but he had fun.

One other time that sticks out was a big battle between our dwarves army friend and another who has a  Bretonnian army (Colorful Knights on Horseback), he was set up inside a castle, and it was the Dwarfs job to lay siege and root them out. Now I ask you if yo have the protection of castle walls wouldn’t you make use of them?

Well apparently the Bretonnian general had other ideas, so they prayed to their goddess, for blessings and mount up, bust out the castle gate and into the Dwarf army to give them what for. Thier goddess must not have been listening or the general was hyped up on Mountain Dew at the time, because they were destroyed. We gave them an A for effort and we all leaned an important lesson that day. “NEVER LEAVE THE CASTLE” We still laugh about that.

Anyway back on point, I have high hopes for this game, but if nothing else its true to the spirit of the game I will be happy.