Enjoy your Weekend!!!

What game are you currently playing, or hope to start this weekend?


Total War – Warhammer

The game is out next Tuesday, and I can’t wait. I haven’t been this excited about a game in a long time. If you have ever played the tabletop version of this game I think you might be feeling the same way. A group of my friends played Warhammer 40K (Space Marines), for years and none of us really wanted to play Warhammer Fantasy.

Well one of our friends won an Empire army box set at a Gamesday convention hosted by Games Workshop, he thought it was cool and began painting and buying accessories to complete his army. He had no one to fight against, so I bought an Orc army, a good friend who has passed, loved the Dwarves. It just went from there and everybody had an army.

From then on that’s all we played. This game has a lot of memories, like our friend who passed, would just hold up in a section of the table and never move, we always laughed at him because he would always say, “Hey the men have short legs, besides I’m going to blow the shit out of you with my cannons” it never worked, lol but he had fun.

One other time that sticks out was a big battle between our dwarves army friend and another who has a  Bretonnian army (Colorful Knights on Horseback), he was set up inside a castle, and it was the Dwarfs job to lay siege and root them out. Now I ask you if yo have the protection of castle walls wouldn’t you make use of them?

Well apparently the Bretonnian general had other ideas, so they prayed to their goddess, for blessings and mount up, bust out the castle gate and into the Dwarf army to give them what for. Thier goddess must not have been listening or the general was hyped up on Mountain Dew at the time, because they were destroyed. We gave them an A for effort and we all leaned an important lesson that day. “NEVER LEAVE THE CASTLE” We still laugh about that.

Anyway back on point, I have high hopes for this game, but if nothing else its true to the spirit of the game I will be happy.






The Division – My Review

Well after playing this game for more than 30 hours,I can safely say its my new favorite game. it is not without its problems but they are small in my opinion.

The amount of detail that has been put into this game is incredible. I’m not talking about the New York setting, but what they put into that setting. Random people in the streets, or people calling out to you from their window, and if you just stand there and listen you will hear all kinds of stories. Oh and just for a laugh shoot at someone in their window and they will jump back and turn all their lights off in the apartment, lol.

They even put up flyers and graffiti all around the City:

Make sure to make some time for sight seeing.

Setting up a character is pretty basic, Male or Female, choose your look (not a whole lot of customizing available), then your ready to play. Your first mission is the game showing you how to shoot and use cover. Then you complete a few missions and you unlock your first safe house. From there you just go out and free New York from gangs and try to figure out what happened.

As you level up you begin to unlock abilities, perks,and talents. As with most games you can pick these to conform with your style of play. You can be heavy into healing to help you and your allies heal damage and revive down players, or you can go down the Tech path and get some automated toys that will deal out damage, while you fire from a safe spot. Or if your the kind that just likes to kick in the door and shoot first and ask questions later you can do that on the security side with the ballistic shield. If you prefer to go solo and just handle it your way, you can use a balance of these abilities to help conform to your play style.

The weaponry is good and has a good deal of variety, from pistols, shotguns, heavy machine guns, and sniper rifles to name a few. They are mostly modern era, but I have picked up a M44 and M1A1 along the way. As of yet I have not finished the game so I don’t know if there are rpg’s, missile launchers etc.

The missions types are your normal go kill this leader, grab this Intel, find evidence of missing people and other agents. There are a lot of side missions in each zone. Zones are based on level types. You can go wherever you like put but if you wander into a zone with high level enemy’s you might not make it to far. The AI is pretty good, they take cover, try to flank you, yell bad words at you, but they do get stuck behind cover or in a corner. It doesn’t happen often.

As you progress your going to want better weapons and gear, and there is only one way to get it and that is in the Dark Zone (I guess you could buy it but where is the fun in that?). The Dark Zone is the worst area in New York and only the toughest survive. I have to be honest, at first I was disappointed with the Dark Zone. I thought there would be missions inside the Dark Zone but so far there has not been. So what you do is take out gangs and their bosses, this is not simple and you most likely will need friends to help. As you take out the bad guys they drop loot, now your loot bag only holds so much, and to get it out you have to extract it by chopper.

So your loot bag is full, you run to an extraction point, fire off a flare to call in the chopper, chopper comes in drops a rope,you hook your bag onto the rope and it fly’s away with your loot and you will find it at the safe house. Sounds easy right? Well when you fire off the flare it lets all the AI enemies know along with all the other players in the Zone you are extracting and they all come running to make sure you don’t. If you are killed any player may take your loot for themselves and use your chopper to extract it. Bastards! Oh its all in good fun!

So to me I give this game an 8 out of 10, I would give it more but I am hoping that the DLC will bring more missions and content ( at times it gets a little repetitive) . I know it will as this game will have a long life as they can  do a lot with it. So pick it up if you haven’t already you won’t be disappointed.





IMG_0574 - Copy.JPG

I needed to upgrade my video card, it is an 6950 and 3 years old. It has been a great card but after playing Fallout 4 it is showing its age. So I began looking to upgrade, and after reviewing whats out there and a little hair pulling, I decided on the 970.

I got it on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NN0GEXQ?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00


It also cave with a copy of The Division.


IMG_0575 - Copy.JPG

Here is what is looks like out of the box.


IMG_0578 (1) - Copy.JPG

Here it is in the case, I have a full size tower and it just fits with a little room to spare. So if you have a smaller case make sure you can get it in there before you buy it.

So far it is extremely quiet, and Fallout 4 auto set the graphics to ultra and it handles it very well. I didn’t do any frame rate tests.

I am very happy with this card so far, Boston never looked so good!