IMG_0574 - Copy.JPG

I needed to upgrade my video card, it is an 6950 and 3 years old. It has been a great card but after playing Fallout 4 it is showing its age. So I began looking to upgrade, and after reviewing whats out there and a little hair pulling, I decided on the 970.

I got it on Amazon:


It also cave with a copy of The Division.


IMG_0575 - Copy.JPG

Here is what is looks like out of the box.


IMG_0578 (1) - Copy.JPG

Here it is in the case, I have a full size tower and it just fits with a little room to spare. So if you have a smaller case make sure you can get it in there before you buy it.

So far it is extremely quiet, and Fallout 4 auto set the graphics to ultra and it handles it very well. I didn’t do any frame rate tests.

I am very happy with this card so far, Boston never looked so good!




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